Amara Vegan Protein Bars

branding/logo design/package design

Working with Mattmo in Amsterdam, I worked under art direction on building this brand. Amara is a vegan protein-bar company based in the Netherlands and needed to develop its brand. The result was the following logo and package design.

Tasks: visual identity, logo, illustrations, package design

Client: Amara/Mattmo

Le Beau et le Fou

branding/logo/package design

‘Le beau et le fou’ or ‘the beautiful and the mad’ is a wellness and hygiene brand aimed at the young and modern feminine on the go.

Tasks: creative director; logo, pattern design, package design, visual identity.


branding/logo design/package design

Regliz is a luxury confectionary brand, making luxury liquorice. 
Package design.

Tasks: creative director; logo, pattern design, package design, visual identity.


branding/animation/illustration/logo design/visual identity/storyboarding

Onna is a collection of educational animations and a web/game platform intended for schoolchildren in Finland. As the design lead, I had full control of the branding, visual language, and developed the visual identity, the characters and illustrations, the storyboards, and the animated videos, with the advice and feedback of teachers and students. It was vital that the visual language be one which was comprehensible and appealed to children of elementary school age (grades 4 to 6). The feedback from both teachers and students have been overwhelmingly positive. 

Tasks: creative director; logo, character and world design, visual identity, storyboarding, animation, research.

Client: ONNA

Holsteinborg Gods & Gunderslevholm

branding/logo design

In 2021 I was assigned the project of designing a new logo from scratch for Holsteinborg Gods and Gunderslevholm in Denmark. The clients wanted something classy and timeless.

Tasks: project lead, logo

Client: Holsteinborg Gods and Gunderslevholm

Liminal Decades

augmented reality/discursive design/interactive design/video/storyboarding/motion graphics/UI/UX

In my master project I aimed to speculate what local life in western Norway might look in terms of climate future by combining AR and classical art. My research showed that many museums are attempting to create immersive or interactive experiences, that visitors tend to be distracted by their phones, and that climate awareness tends to be dystopian, which from a green marketing/psychology perspective is not necessarily effective, as we might make our audience apathetic to the cause if we only focus on the negatives. My solution was to build an interactive/animated AR experience which approached the question of climate change from a best-case perspective and entertainment, giving the user the possibility to interact with the artwork in real time using their phones. 

The project has been exhibited at the fine art museum KODE in Bergen, Norway, incorporating works from their permanent collection. The project has been awarded the Meltzer Research Fund’s project scholarship 2022. 

Documented video below storyboarded and edited by me.