The Rasmus Meyer’s Collection

Interactive experience-exhibition at the museum KODE in Bergen, Norway

What might life look like in the best-case scenario in terms of climate future? Using mobile devices, I created an engaging experience using romanticism artwork in the museum’s permanent collection to showcase this.

My research had showed that many museums are attempting to create immersive or interactive experiences, that visitors tend to be distracted by their phones, and that climate awareness tends to be dystopian, which from a green marketing/psychology perspective is not necessarily effective, as we might make our audience apathetic to the cause if we only focus on the negatives.

The project has been awarded the Meltzer Research Fund’s project grant in 2022. 

Documented video below storyboarded and edited by me.

Fine Artist

I have received multiple recognitions by museums, and have exhibited my artwork in several countries. I take commission orders, usually of portraits, having studied the techniques and palettes of the old masters. I work mainly with oil, graphite, and charcoal.


branding/logo design/package design

Working with Mattmo in Amsterdam, I worked under art direction on building this brand. Amara is a vegan protein-bar company based in the Netherlands and needed to develop its brand. The result was the following logo and package design.

Liminal Decades

Interactive MA project exhibition in Bergen, Norway

I designed the space to resemble that of a museum. Incorporating the old and new, I painted paintings of modern-day Norway in the style of the Dutch masters and built golden frames using Adobe Illustrator, a laser cutter, and gold leaf. When users scanned the artwork, they were able to experience the local climate future from a best-case scenario at our current predictions (starting point 2022).


branding/animation/illustration/logo design/visual identity/storyboarding/education

Onna is a collection of educational animations and a web/game platform intended for schoolchildren in Finland. As the design lead, I had full control of the branding, visual language, and developed the visual identity, the characters and illustrations, the storyboards, and the animated videos, with the advice and feedback of teachers and students. It was vital that the visual language be one which was comprehensible and appealed to children of elementary school age (grades 4 to 6). The feedback from both teachers and students have been overwhelmingly positive. 

TOF Norway

annual reports/brochures/educational material/visual identity/communication

In addition to my role as Managing Director of TOF Norway, I have also been responsible for the visual identity, design, and layout of the NGOs annual reports, brochures, etc. Global distribution.